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The greatest feature of the new FIFA 16 Ultimate Team mode is the draft FUT, which is a mode that allows players to build a team with a random golden player. The drafting group can be used to play a unique game, in which players can earn huge returns. As in the case of a real football draft, the challenge is to build with the draft FUT a quality football team, and will not damage team chemistry. However, in order to allow players to participate in the draft FUT, it is necessary to spend 15,000 gold coins or a few Quids, which will come off as an investment game. All other cards at least speed boost or kick, attribute less importance to us. That is why we believe that the "basic" card may be a good choice for many times.

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FIFA Ultimate Team - known better regular season FUT, EA's financial drain worship Panini sticker album - is back with FIFA 16 and this year's card collection, the new features in online mode team building sports some killer's. Once you spend 15,000 coins enter draft FUT, you can expect to be compensated in different ways. You will not get 15,000 gold coins back, if you lose a game, but you should take, cards, bags and some coins back to your success. FIFA Best Player: the highest ratings across the pitch from the goalkeeper to kick in recipients. Choose a formula based on the player's property is a very personal. It depends on who is chosen. We are very certain that, even after all the explanations, there are many people still need help choosing the right formula for their own players. If this is your case, do not worry. We will help you.

FYI, I use a machine with the following statistics: Core i3-2100 / 8GB / 2GB 7870. In terms of FIFA 16, which is a minimum specification processor (Oops, that I3 is really getting old) and this GPU comfort fine. I use catalysts 15.8 Beta version of the driver. I nudged the MSAA drop to 2 times instead of 4 times, because it seemed like I was immersed in 60fps in some scenes in 1080 (penalty shootout, oddly enough), and the latter. Elsewhere, FIFA 16 did see two very good supplement, one presents a critical moment in the history of sports games. Women have been covered for the first time, rounding off what has been a breakthrough year for the female version of the world's most popular sport.

Cynics will say that this communion is a pure move those dollars to capture the bulk of the audience in the United States women's soccer. But this decision was reached by EA, which is an important step. FIFA 16 different, a little standard men's contest, and ultimately provide a higher level of enjoyment. It is foreseeable that in the women's game is less dependent on the speed and power, with a more technical focus. Because of this, weaving attack action is more interesting. The draft FUT is a new feature in the ultimate team side of things. In addition to the cost of inputs while online or offline incarnation, it's a great way to be able to use the real top drawer Group Game. It lets you choose from a selection of players for each position, sometimes including TOTW stars and legends, and the sole purpose is to create a team A has a maximum chemical. You will then play up to four games until you lose, and according to how far you progress, there will be a decent prize as issued at the end of the gold package!

This is what I mentioned PES 2016 year seems to have been criticized for the team to win the league in a particular license. It seems, EA Sports will determine the line right pocket (as they usually do), because they have not included in PES 2016 年 only that prerogative, but they also have the first international women's team once. I really like to play some games for women. The game feels they have been kicked up a notch. The woman is a lot faster than their male counterparts and the match-ups feel a lot more attacking and scoring heavily. Ultimate team has been adjusted and updated, and continues its dominance has been replaced by Pro Evo Master League (latest efforts more on the introduction of PE) is characterized Everyone seems to love.


— Friday, October 30, 2015